MSA Manufacturing – Making material outsourcing simpler and easier

MSA Manufacturing is an independent UK supplier, which specialises in the machining, slitting, cutting and kitting of roll and sheet materials for the composites industry.

A consistently high quality, reliable, service is provided, using robust ISO 9001 management systems and QA processes. Providing time and cost saving materials solutions, along with proactive and responsive communications, are integral parts of the company’s DNA and approach to working with customers and supply chain partners.

A wide range of added value services and capabilities, including 2D preforming, digital engineering and prototyping, are offered to composite part manufacturers looking to outsource some or all of their requirements for custom shaped materials for efficiently moulding composite parts. Being independent, MSA is able to offer complete supply chain flexibility to fulfil orders, using either approved specification materials sourced by MSA, or free issued materials from a customer’s supply chain.

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What we give our customers

  • Reliable, consistent quality service
  • Time & cost saving material solutions
  • Independent UK supplier benefits

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