When MSA Manufacturing began kitting foam core parts for the marine industry 8 years ago, we’d already seen the benefits of kitting tool chests for specific maintenance tasks within the defence and aerospace industries. Applying the same principles to core and reinforcement materials for wetlay, infused and pre-preg composite products brought similar benefits to their customers.

We do kitting and cutting. And we’re good at it. Other companies have similarly high technical capabilities – but it’s how we do what we do that really sets us apart.

Everything we do – from discussing the brief, right through to packing and delivering – is geared towards making things easier for you. That way, you can get on with doing what you do best.

Our clients tell us what they want to achieve, and we come up with the technical solution that will make it work. We always design a solution that saves you time, effort and money, while delivering outstanding performance and quality – however demanding the requirements.

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Flexible – We have the equipment and capability to cut a wider variety of materials, and mix them together to create a ‘complete’ kit in a way no one else does. We’re independent, so we can work with any supplier and distributor. Clients also love our speed of response.

Skilful – We’re the most capable and complete independent kitting and cutting supplier in the UK. We quickly get a grip on your needs and come up with clever, resourceful and inventive ways to meet them.

Communicative – We keep talking to you so that you know what’s going on and we know what you need. It’s a collaborative relationship as far as we’re concerned. We’re adaptable and positive, we see the bigger picture and we’re open to new ways of doing things.

Reliable – We always deliver what we promise, so you can be confident the kit will fit correctly right out of the box, even in the most variable of moulds.