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Large Format Additive Manufacture

What we offer

Large Format Additive Manufacturing​

For Manufacturing, Industrial and Creative market sectors

Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) is an incredibly exciting technology, and in conjunction with robotics is the bed-stone of our future manufacturing capability. MSA Manufacturing Limited is delighted to announce our early adoption of this technology in the UK

We are proud and excited to be offering FLEXBOT LFAM as a cutting-edge 3D print service. This will enable us to engage and partner in a wide array of projects. Amazing things that can be achieved with this combination of equipment and the wide variety of thermoplastics available. Now is the time to take the challenge and let your imagination run wild…

What we give our customers

Reliable, consistent quality service

A consistently high quality, reliable service is provided by the MSA team using robust ISO 9001 management systems and QA processes. From initial contact right through to the unpacking of kits and using parts on the shop floor, MSA ensures that it provides customers with positive ’Moments of Truth’ outcomes at every key touch point.

Time & cost saving material solutions

As part of the project scoping and assessment process, MSA looks at clever ways to save customers time and money where possible.

Independent UK supplier benefits

Being independent, MSA is able to offer complete supply chain flexibility to fulfil orders, using either approved materials sourced by MSA, or free issued materials from a customer’s supply chain.

MSA Manufacturing combines cost and time saving benefits with hassle free materials outsourcing