MSA Manufacturing serves a variety of markets, supplying OEMs manufacturing monolithic and sandwich design composite components from small, complex shaped parts to large structures, such as yacht hulls and decks and wind turbine blades.

The common theme for all MSA customers is the need for accurately cut to size materials in batch or kit form; reinforcement fabrics and core materials, prepregs, preforms or parts machined from stock sheet.

As part of the added value kitting service provided by MSA, 2D preformed layers of glass can be positioned and “assembled” together in the correct individual layer orientations, ready to lay directly into a mould, saving considerable lay-up time.

Whatever the market, the decision to outsource the supply of some or all cut to size material requirements to MSA Manufacturing is based upon customers knowing that they will benefit from production time and cost savings, along with high confidence in the quality and reliability of the service provided.

What we give our customers

  • Reliable, consistent quality service
  • Time & cost saving material solutions
  • Independent UK supplier benefits

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MSA Manufacturing combines cost and time saving benefits with hassle free materials outsourcing