MSA Manufacturing offers a wide range of services and capabilities to OEM and Tier 1 composite part manufacturers looking to save time and cost by outsourcing some or all of their requirements for the custom shaped materials needed to produce anything from complex small components to large complete structures, such as yacht hulls and decks and wind turbine blades.

While MSA Manufacturing specialises in the CNC machining, slitting, cutting and kitting of semi-finished roll, sheet and plate materials, it also provides other added value services, such as 2D preforming, digital engineering and assembly of kitting materials.

A consistently high quality, reliable service is provided by the MSA team using robust ISO 9001 management systems and QA processes. From initial contact right through to the unpacking of kits and using parts on the shop floor, MSA ensures that it  provides customers with positive ’Moments of Truth’ outcomes at every key touch point.

Being independent, MSA is able to offer complete supply chain flexibility to fulfil orders, using either approved materials sourced by MSA, or free issued materials from a customer’s supply chain.

Materials Processed

The MSA production facilities are able to process and shape a wide range of films, woven fabrics, multiaxial non-crimped fabrics (NFCs) and semi-finished sheet materials including:

  • Foam cores (PVC, SAN, PET, PU)
  • Honeycomb cores (PVC, PC, Al, Aramid)
  • Balsa core materials
  • Sandwich panels
  • Glass fibre fabrics
  • Carbon & Aramid fibre fabrics
  • Prepreg & Adhesive films
  • Peel-ply & Veils
  • Plywood & Cork
  • Mild steel & alloys
  • Phenolic sheet
  • E-glass plate
  • Carbon fibre plate materials
  • Engineering plastic sheet
  • Ballistic plate materials

Any specific material requirements, not listed above, needed for a project are discussed, assessed and quoted to order.

Customer Project Scoping

As part of the customer service process, whether it is for a new or an existing customer project requirement, the start point for the MSA team is to complete detailed project scoping documents to capture the exact project requirements in every detail.  All key information is carefully logged, from the key customer contacts involved, the type of application and all shaped materials required including any finishes or treatments needed, through to specific QA certification and the storage, packaging, handling, kit packing and shipping requirements for the materials being supplied.

As part of the project scoping and assessment process, MSA looks at clever ways to save customers time and money where possible.

MSA Manufacturing combines cost and time saving benefits with hassle free material outsourcing