We can profile shapes to underlie any composite product, using a wide variety of materials.

Our capabilities include 3 and 5 axis machining, 3 and 5 axis waterjet, CNC knife cutting and surface flattening and digitising. We also have cold storage for pre-pregs and a temperature controlled cutting environment to deliver improved cost, accuracy, quality and speed.

The benefits of our cutting service:

Glassfibre cutting

  • A fast, accurate, repeatable process – saving you time.
  • A good yield from expensive materials – saving you money.
  • Consistent results – making your process easier to manage.

5 Axis Machining Waterjet cutting

We can cut almost anything you throw at us:

  • Laminates, including dry laminates
  • Foam core (PVC/PET/PE etc)
  • Balsa core
  • Honeycomb – polycarbonate, aramid, aluminium
  • Dry and pre-preg reinforcements
  • Glass fibre
  • Carbon fibre
  • Kevlar®
  • Dyneema®
  • Plywood
  • Aluminium and steel

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We are increasingly being asked to cut a wider variety of materials for their customers, and not just as kits. 2D/3D shaped foams, engineering plastics, honeycombs, alloys, cork and G10 are cut on our five axis milling and waterjet machines, whilst pre-pregs, Sprint®, Kevlar® and dry reinforcements are cut on our flat bed automated cutter.