Digital Engineering & Prototyping

Kit Designing & Surface Flattening

All kits produced by MSA Manufacturing are based on customer supplied templates which MSA turns into digital data or from customer data provided in 2D or 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) model form.  The design of each cut to shape piece in a kit takes into account the component core and laminate design of the part, any restrictions due to the materials specified, the final part’s end use and the manufacturing processes used by both MSA and the customer.

Surface flattening is part of MSA Manufacturing’s Digital Engineering kit design process for producing accurately cut kits for complex, curved parts, such as boat hulls, aerofoils, or wind turbine blades; digitally flattening curved surfaces enables the exact material shape and dimensions needed for each kit part to be calculated and programmed for CNC machining and cutting.

3D Scanning /2D Digitising & Reverse Engineering

MSA Manufacturing has extensive reverse engineering capabilities to create parts or moulds where the original design data is not available. Using both 3D scanning and 2D digitising technologies, MSA’s Engineering team can recreate a highly accurate CAD model of the component, achieving a scanning tolerance in the range of 0.025mm and scanning up to around 5m in a single scan, with larger scans possible in sections. Scanned surface data is used to program MSA’s CNC milling and cutting machines, ensuring that all materials used in reverse engineered parts are accurately produced to size.

MSA’s surface scanning technology is available as an additional service to customers, avoiding the need for manual measurements or templates; the system can be used to scan and create a CAD model of a complete structure, such as a boat hull. It is also selectively used, if required, to confirm that a part is correct to the CAD drawing.

MSA’s reverse engineering service has particularly benefited smaller manufacturing companies as they grow, helping them to rapidly scale-up production output and build rates or to install new high productivity automated production composite part moulding processes, being supplied with pre-cut materials and finished kits from MSA which fit directly into mould tools straight out of the box.


MSA Manufacturing has always looked to work closely with its customers and get involved in product development projects from the outset, rather than later in the production stages; by being integrated as early as possible in the project, MSA is able to provide as much added value technical support as possible to customers regarding materials and processing to help save time and money.

MSA has been involved in a variety of customer prototype projects during the R & D phase, developing sub-assemblies and material processes which reduce overall production costs and assembly times.

MSA Manufacturing combines cost and time saving benefits with hassle free material outsourcing