kitting service

Our kitting service helps you use your materials and people more effectively, with more control, less wastage, less space, faster build times, improved quality, greater accuracy and repeatability.

We’ve been doing it for years and we’re great at it!

We’ll discuss your needs fully to ensure all parties have a full understanding of the project and what is the key driver in your organisation for kitting parts. We’ll develop a proposal to confirm we’ve understood your critical areas and how we’ll meet your needs. Once we’re agreed we’ll create the drawings for the kit and work with you on first fit, making notes of any changes you require. It’s an iterative process (as short as possible though) and we’ll support you through it.

Kitting is not just about cutting. Flattening surfaces, digitising data, developing the kit (often including multiple materials), managing the material supply and organising the kit are all skills and time costs that most don’t have. We set out to save our customers time and money –  sub-contract to us and use your own internal resources more profitably.

The benefits of our kitting service:

  • Reduced manufacturing time and lead times – resulting in improved productivity
  • Lower waste/disposal and administration costs
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Can be delivered direct to line
  • More production space freed up
  • Reduced stores picking time
  • Consistent build quality

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