Multilayer Bonded Fabric Slitting & 2D Preforming

As part of the added value cutting and kitting service offered, MSA Manufacturing can also produce to order slit to size multilayer dry reinforcement fabrics bonded together and 2D preforms.  These can be supplied in any combination of glass, carbon or aramid fibre multiaxial fabrics or woven fabrics as required by a customer.

For certain sandwich laminate systems, 2D preforms can also be produced with reinforcement fabrics in combination with a core material.

2D Preform Kit Assembly

As part of the added value kitting service provided by MSA, 2D preformed layers of glass can be positioned and “assembled” together in the correct individual layer orientations, ready to lay directly into a mould, saving considerable lay-up time.

MSA Manufacturing combines cost and time saving benefits with hassle free materials outsourcing