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Sports, Leisure & Recreation

MSA Manufacturing has worked with a number of clients in the sports, leisure & recreation market sector, providing material solutions for demanding applications which typically require intricate, precision cut dry lay or prepreg materials for moulding complex shaped composite parts.

High strength combined with light weight is typically needed, so high performance engineering plastics, carbon fibre dry fabrics and prepreg materials are predominantly supplied to order in kits as required.

The intricate nature of sports products such as carbon fibre equine saddles, rowing and canoeing paddles, watersport fins and bicycle parts, and the relatively high cost of materials means these items are ideally suited to high yield, nested kit cutting.

Labelling and sealed bag packing aid the customer's production process. Pre-preg materials are stored in controlled temperatures during our cutting process.

In the leisure and recreation markets, PET foam is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to costlier foams and plywood, offering quick and easy light weighting and moisture resistance benefits. Often now used in campervan and caravan markets.

MSA also provides reverse engineering support as well as other digital engineering services, including 3D scanning, digitising and surface flattening. Component assembly is also a service that can be provided.

Bamboo Composite Bicycle
Bamboo composite bicycle frame
Bamboo Composite Bicycle
Bamboo Composite Bicycle

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